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Top 10 care & maintenance Tips for Cotton Sarees

Top 10 care & maintenance Tips for Cotton Sarees

Here are the top 10 Care and maintenance tips for cotton sarees/ handloom sarees. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to wash, dry, store, iron, and maintain your cotton sarees in the best way.

Before we start, let’s clear one thing that we keep on complaining about the quality of our cotton fabric product when it is getting faded. But the truth is that we are not maintaining it well. 

We always talk about the quality and material of our grandmother’s sarees but the problem is we do not take care of our sarees the way our grandmothers used to do.

In India, the quality of Cotton, silk, and handloom fabric is getting better with time. Cotton, silk, handloom Sarees are made with handmade and thin fabric that’s why we have to maintain them accordingly.

Let’s start with the top 10 tips for Cotton/silk/handloom sarees:

  1. Never wash cotton sarees with other clothes. Wash your cotton/silk handloom sarees separately. 
  2. Never sock the sarees for too long because it may lead to discoloration.
  3. Choose water and soap correctly and don’t use washing machines, wash your sarees with your hands softly.
  4. Avoid using chemical products on your cotton fabrics for longer life.
  5. After washing, do not use a dryer, and also don’t squeeze your saree after washing. Let the water separate naturally.
  6. Don’t dry your cotton sarees in direct sunlight for long because it may lead to discoloration too. So avoid direct sun and try to dry them in shade.
  7. This is an important one, Don’t use direct Iron on your cotton sarees. Use another cloth on the saree and then Iron. You can also use the newspaper.
  8. Avoid polishing or laundry because it can damage the fabric.
  9. Don’t put your sarees on metal hangers, because they can damage the threads of silk sarees.
  10. Fold your handloom/cotton sarees and keep them in a soft cloth or a cotton pillowcase.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you can not find a mild soap to wash your sarees then we’ll suggest you use “reetha” to wash your cotton sarees. 
  • Adding a few drops of Lime water while washing your sarees can save discoloration in your skin and cotton handloom sarees.

So, we hope this blog will help you in taking care of your cotton sarees well now.

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